Proverbs 25:20

Like one who takes away a garment in cold weather, And like vinegar on soda, Is one who sings songs to a heavy heart.

In today’s Proverb at West Woods Christian Academy, students and teachers alike were challenged to learn to be empathetic when a friend is going through a difficult time. Taking someone’s coat in cold weather is the exact opposite of what is needed, and can cause an angry reaction. The acid/base reaction of vinegar and soda(baking soda) causes a violent eruption. When someone has a heavy heart, a listening, empathetic ear is most effective. A song of joy or lecture on endurance is not needed at this time. Just listen, pray, and be there. Timing and sensitivity are crucial.

Lessons in Life from the Proverbs is a daily practice at West Woods Christian Academy in Hamden, CT. Students, teachers, and graduates have all sited this daily devotional time as powerful and influential in directing their thinking on how to face the challenges of life from a Biblical standpoint.