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blue-gold-day-16-welcoming-lineCome visit West Woods Christian Academy any day there is school and learn what is so special about this ministry that has been serving Connecticut families for over 40 years! Just complete the form below and a day and time will be scheduled at your convenience.

If you are ready to apply, we welcome your application to West Woods Christian Academy. In keeping with the purpose and philosophy, WWCA desires to be a support to the Christian home and the Bible believing church. The school views itself as an integral part of the major influences in a child’s life… the home, the church, and the school. It is important that you read the Admission Procedures listed below. In order to make a valid application for admission to WWCA, the following items must be received in the school office. Admissions Policies are listed on the application for your reference.

  • Submit a completed Application with a non-refundable fee to the main office. Both parent and student sections must be complete. Please call the office or use the Contact Us link to obtain an Application Packet. You may print an Application Form Admissions-Application and send it directly to the school. On line application is not offered.
  • Submit the Record Release form Admissions-Record Release to previous school for most recent report card, standardized test scores, student health records, and a transcript of past credits earned.
  • Present a confidential Church Leader Recommendation form Church-Leader-Recommendation-Form-1 to the person in your church leadership who knows your family well and is responsible for your shepherding care. This form is to be sent directly to the school by your church leader.
  • Submit the Academic Recommendation forms to most recent Math Academic recommendations- Math and English Academic Recommendation-English teachers (6th-12th grades only). Ask them to complete the form and forward it to WWCA. Envelopes and forms are provided in the application packet mailed upon request, or you may download some forms from this page.

Upon receipt of this information, an interview with the prospective student and parents will be scheduled. After review of Academic Records from previous school, standardized testing (if needed) will be scheduled. A decision regarding admission will be made and communicated by mail to parents after all materials have been received by the school.

Please complete the form below and we look forward to being in contact!