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West Woods Christian Academy was founded in 1975 as an educational ministry of West Woods Bible Chapel. WWCA exists to provide a quality education with Jesus Christ and Biblical doctrine at the core. The school desires to be a support to the Christian home, and draws students from many communities/Bible believing churches throughout New Haven county. As a support to the home and church, the school views itself as an integral part of the major influences in a child’s life…the home, the church, and the school. In working with the home, the school desires that each child will experience personal salvation through Jesus Christ and be discipled in a Christian lifestyle within the framework of a quality education. West Woods Christian Academy is committed to an educational program of excellence. The school strives to provide an educational experience focused on traditional, Biblical values. A major goal of the program would be to prepare a student to glorify God in any area of endeavor that He may lead them to.

“We strongly believe our high school children would not have the walk with the Lord they have today if it were not for WWCA”   WWCA  parent

History of the School

West Woods Christian Academy was founded in 1975 by the leadership of West Woods Bible Chapel and parents desiring a Christ-centered education for their children. In September of 1975, with Dr. Robert Spender as Principal, West Woods Christian Academy opened with 17 students. Each year God’s blessing was evident in providing academic, spiritual and numerical growth. In the fall of 1982, the Alice Peck School Building became the new location of WWCA. In 1990 expansion of the Chapel facilities enabled WWCA to relocate in that building while plans for additional school facilities were being made. In the spring/summer of 1997, WWCA purchased a beautiful, recently renovated building at 2105 State St. in Hamden. This historical building once housed the Hamden State St. School. As leaders of WWCA look toward the future, there is a united vision that God will continue to lead and provide for this ministry. A solid foundation in Christ-centered education has been established in the lives of scores of students who have attended and graduated from West Woods Christian Academy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Parents and Grandparents Day November 2017

                                                   School Distinctive

West Woods Christian Academy stands out among other fine schools because of the atmosphere created by a resolve to honor Jesus Christ and His Word (the Bible). Students and staff work closely together in the development of an environment that challenges the students scholastically while strengthening them spiritually.

In every class, K-12, students are encouraged to learn all they can and to make the best use of the abilities God has given them. The teachers at WWCA are born again (John3:3) believers and dedicated instructors equipped with the training and ability to communicate both academic and spiritual truths. Students learn from the example of their teachers the value of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and service towards God. These lessons can last a lifetime.

Academic Program

WWCA offers a highly regarded and comprehensive program for grades K-12. The curriculum at each level is rich with challenging subject materials and activities to reinforce the learning process. The wireless network throughout the campus allows secure student and teacher access to subject specific resources. Teachers have adopted the B.Y.O.D. (bring your own device) initiative to a number of classes, allowing students to take advantage of internet research within specific subject areas. Year after year, on Nationally Standardized Tests, students at WWCA have scored well above the national average at every grade level. The Upper School curriculum (7-12) has a strong preparation for those desiring to continue on to college. WWCA has been graduating high school seniors since 1979. Our Homeschool Partnership Program desires to support Christian families who would like to expand the experiences they offer in their homeschooling initiative. Students in grades 7-12 are eligible to register for 1 or more full time classes. Students registered for one or more full credit courses are eligible for all extracurricular activities through the school including sports, music ensemble, retreats, chapels and more.

Please refer to the School Profile form to see an abbreviated list of Colleges and Universities attended by WWCA graduates.

“We are thankful for an educational alternative that puts Jesus Christ in the center.” WWCA parent